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Since 2005, the BDSU has been proudly partnered with think-cell, a prominent software company based in Berlin. Renowned as a very efficient charting tool, think-cell is the go-to choice for the world’s leading management consultancies to visualize data for impactful presentations. With 21 years of innovation, think-cell has solidified its position as the leading tool across various industries, with all 40 German DAX companies holding licenses for the tool and think-cell reaching well over a million users worldwide. Throughout this years-long partnership, BDSU members have enjoyed free and full access to think-cell.

With up to a thousand BDSU members using think-cell every year, it’s no exaggeration to say that numerous professionals shaping today’s workplaces in Germany got their first taste of think-cell through this collaboration. This is why think-cell was eager to strike up the partnership 18 years ago, with the CEO at the time and think-cell founder, Markus Hannebauer, noting: “… we offer aspiring professionals the opportunity to get to know this new market standard and its benefits for their projects.” think-cell still takes great pride in helping to prepare the next generation of leading professionals as confident data storytellers.

Offering 40+ chart types and typically saving users around 70% of time spent building slides, think-cell is known primarily as a productivity tool. But think-cell is so much more than a simple productivity tool. As people’s attention spans have shortened and the amount of data at our fingertips increases, this presents a clear problem to be successful in the workplace: how to keep people interested when presenting data. The answer: you need to be a compelling data storyteller; people buy stories, not data. This is where think-cell comes in for the modern professional.

With a wide range of features such as the CAGR arrow that can be added to charts, this allows users to share actionable insights much more easily with their data. It’s all about delivering the final mile of a presentation. Members are not only acquiring practical experience by using think-cell, but are helping to deliver a proficiency for data-driven storytelling, more easily driving actionable insights in their presentations. It is this ability to enlighten audiences to insights that they wouldn’t see without a chart that so effectively positions think-cell as an integral tool for BDSU members. It is the ability to turn data into decisions which is the key reason why think-cell is taught at the top business schools like Wharton and INSEAD.

„A very simple and quick way to represent more complex diagrams, especially Gantt charts or waterfall diagrams. It’s very understandable and easy to use once you’re familiar with it. The integration with Excel is also helpful.”

“We have been using think-cell for over 3 years in the organization, and it has become an established tool for the association.”

“We use think-cell for work, for the BDSU, and also for personal use.”

Not only has think-cell provided free access to the software, but the company has also focused efforts on product enablement, with a series of webinars held to help new members be better acclimatized to the tool. The think-cell training webinar focuses on practical, hands-on walkthroughs, empowering BDSU members to apply their newfound skills not only in their university presentations but also when embarking on their careers.

This symbiotic partnership remains a cherished one for both parties, with the BDSU remaining as the largest academic partner of think-cell with hundreds of students benefiting every year.

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